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Trevor Morris

Web Developer

I have been experimenting with code for the web since 1999, but after graduating in 2005, I pursued a career in web development. I came straight from university and landed the role of Web Developer at Creation — a design agency which, to my surprise and relief, already understood the merits of web standards and best practices. The first few months were tough as I was thrown in to the deep end, but I have now been at Creation for over two years and it is great fun. With a great design team I am able to produce beautifully visual yet functional and semantic websites. With an ever growing set of standard code principles (including microformats) I have been able to develop web site packages for a multitude of clients — further proof web standards is the best way to develop.

As the sole web developer, I undertake every aspect of the web development process (except for the design). I structure and implement the databases, write the server-side code (currently PHP). Front end code is controlled by semantic HTML which is styled with CSS and progressively enhanced with JavaScript (custom or jQuery). I also advise on best practices for usability and interface design when creating the design visuals. Because of this process we are quashing the belief that accessible websites are boring — our websites are accessible and beautiful.


I Enjoy…

  • Watching movies
  • Listening to music
  • Playing with new gadgets
  • Surfing the web for hours (some times days) on end!

A Few Facts

  • I don’t drink alcohol or smoke
  • I drink tea — milk, no sugar
  • I am left handed
  • I gave up coke in 2006

My Life Online

Because I spend so much time on the web I often sign up to a lot of newly released websites. Take a look at a few of my profiles on services which you might enjoy.

  • Last.fm — music I’m listening to
  • Flickr — a great photo sharing community
  • delicious — favourite links / bookmarks
  • twitter — what I’m doing
  • tumblr — random things of interest

Top Five Favourite Movies

  1. The Prestige
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  3. Amores Perros
  4. Memento
  5. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Top Five Favourite Foreign Movies

  1. Amores Perros (Spanish)
  2. The Lives of Others (German)
  3. Funny Games (German)
  4. High Tension (French)
  5. City of God (Portuguese)

Top Five Favourite Bands

  1. Motion City Soundtrack
  2. Less Than Jake
  3. Yellowcard
  4. Reel Big Fish
  5. Plain White T’s

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Geek in the Park 2008

Monday 19th May 2008

I have just launched the 2008 website for Geek in the Park. After a year break, the event is back, featuring a picnic during the day, followed by industry leading speakers in the evening.

At the moment some of the finer details are yet to be confirmed. If you sign up to the newsletter you will be kept up to date with all the details when they’re announced and be reminded a week before the event.

Hopefully the weather will be as good as in 2006 and you’ll be able to join The Multipack for a quick game of footie.