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Rich Rees

Senior Designer

I’ve been part of the Creation team since 2003 and having worked with several other agencies, I can safely say this feels like home. Creation is an environment where I can involve our clients in the design process, and allow them to make informed and exciting decisions for their communication needs.

Whether consciously or not, modern lifestyles require making design-based decisions, and most people recognise good design when they see it — my role is to ensure that’s exactly what they get.

Good design isn’t elitist, it’s empowering.


Resolutions this year…

  • Have a beer if I want one
  • To not get so wound-up by bad drivers
  • To not put Encona Hot Pepper Sauce on everything

I love…

  • Summer
  • Cars

In my dreams…

I’d live in Sorrento, and have to drive the Amalfi coast road to ‘creation Italia’ every day… in my gunmetal-grey Gallardo Spyder.

Proudest moment…

Being at the birth of my gorgeous daughter

Pet hates…

  • Tea pots that don’t pour — come on, how hard can it be?
  • Debt-consolidation adverts
  • Drivers who don’t indicate. Ever.

My sanctuary is…

The basketball court

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