Specialist graphic designers and web developers based in Staffordshire, UK


Tim Webley

Creative Director

My role is to initiate creative ideas that help people to communicate. To create brands that help to promote our clients’ products and services and help my team to maintain consistent delivery of these brands.

I want people, when they see our work, to think, “someone must enjoy their work to get these results.” When your heart is in your work it shows. My favourite pieces are not the biggest projects for the largest clients, but the projects where I have been trusted with the freedom to deliver my best. You can’t measure ability by years of service - that would only cover about half of the effort and commitment that I have invested into Creation. I’m lucky to get paid for doing something that I love - it’s my life. And I hope it shows in my work.


I sometimes wonder…

  • What creature will discover man’s extinction?
  • If you can catch bad luck like you can a common cold?
  • Why some adults wear novelty socks?

Favourite Sounds

  • The first few glugs from a bottle of single malt
  • A Roland TB-303, TR808 & TR-909
  • Distant rolling thunder
  • The rarest sound of all - silence (which is pretty rare indeed when you have tinnitus)

If a conversation hits that awkward silence, just ask…

  • If you were presented with the opportunity to leave this planet (alone) in a UFO, would you have the bottle to go?
  • If someone you hated died, would you feel a little bit guilty?
  • Do great ideas get resisted initially because they alter the power balance of a relationship?
  • Which song do you wish you had written?

If I had to live on one food forever it would be…

Jack Daniel’s roasted Buffalo Wings (TGI Fridays)

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