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Leigh Scott

Managing Director

After five years being employed as a designer and building up freelance clients came the day of Creation on 1st August 1995. It was a leap of faith at the time and without the support of my wife it probably wouldn’t have happened. I feel lucky to be working with a world class design team and a bunch of true friends. We’ve built up some very strong relationships with our clients over the years. Thanks to them our job has been made much more enjoyable. We all try to offer the very best of creative thinking to help your business grow.


My role…

Is to promote growth and direction for Creation. We try and do this by offering clients the perfect service and building a happy working environment for the team.


Motorbikes, cars, motorbikes, good veggie food, motorbikes, art, motorbikes, music, motorbikes, laughing, motorbikes, India, motorbikes, animals, motorbikes, keeping fit, motorbikes, doing a good deed.

Place to be…

Lying on a riverbank, hot sunny day, eyes closed, listening to the distant noise of light aircraft and worrying about nothing. Or riding a Royal Enfield Bullet in India when the weather is fantastic, knowing it is cold and wet in the UK.

Top fourteen tracks…

Angel Eyes (Roxy Music), Adagio for Strings (Barber), Being Boiled (Human League), Chatter (Autechre), Computer World (Kraftwerk), Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Glory Box (Portishead), Killer (Adamski), Le Onde (Ludovico Einaudi, piano), Module (Zero B), Papua New Guinea (The Future Sound of London), River Man (Nick Drake), Sliced Tomatoes (Just Brothers), Technologicque Park (Orbital).

Coming up in 2008…

  • Launch Off The Wall India
  • Trip to India
  • Visit all my friends
  • Some severe saving
  • Beat Trev at squash
  • Go green laning on my XR400
  • Stafford Half Marathon
  • Be 40
  • Do 10k runs
  • Trip to the Isle of Man TT
  • Another trip to the Nürburgring
  • Start a World Championship
  • Be nicer to everyone

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Green laning

Thursday 10th January 2008

This is my XR400 bought at the end of last year and picked up last weekend. When it has an MOT and tax I will be out this year having fun.

It is an Enduro bike which means it is primarily an off road bike but with road gear to allow you to use it on our highways. Green laning is a way of riding on off road surfaces but legally. There are many roads up and down the country which, although classed as highway, are muddy tracks. These are what we will be hunting out. I will keep a tally of the bruises for you.

Honda XR400