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Branding design & application

Creating your business brands.

Your Corporate Identity and Brand Identities are amongst the most important design considerations you can make. They are the foundation for all your design and marketing output. Effort spent at this stage will set the scene for your companies future image. A well designed CI will be distinctive and easy to use for years to come. The addition of a usage guide or full CI guide will mean anyone can successfully apply your CI and Brands to maintain continuity. The way you present yourself is a reflection on your business and how it works.

As part of our design consultancy offering in this area of expertise, choose from the following customer focussed services, packages and solutions.

FREE initial consultation
Allow our team to visit you, find out about your business and your customers, then make recommendations on how your business can grow with our creative input.

CI and branding audit with proposals
Engage with members of our design team to look at your proposed or existing CI and branding, we will then make recommendations and offer guidance on the next step.

A carefully priced range of branding packages and solutions compiled to offer a variety of price points with and without usage guides. Take a look. For an entry level logo and stationery solution see the GetStarted package in the Graphic design & print section.

Branding Solutions… Keeping it Simple

Branding design & application
Creating your business brands.
Logo only branding
A professionally designed logo for your new business or brand.
Professionally designed logo and stationery for your new business.
Logo and usage guide
A professionally designed logo for your new business or brand with full development, application examples and usage guide.
Logo and CI guide
A professionally designed logo for your new business or brand with full development, application examples and comprehensive CI guide.

Our Services What we do…


One off ads or full campaigns. You can expect quality art direction and copywriting with total project management to deal with artwork and publications.

Blog creation

A Blog (or Weblog) is an online diary where viewers can add comments. You can have one as part of a new or existing website or if you wish as a stand alone site.


For use in advertising, brochures, websites or technical documents you will get expertly written copy or meticulous copy editing.

Customer surveys

Often the first step is to gauge your customers opinions. You may wish to use focus groups, telephone interviews or written/online surveys.

Direct Marketing

Using a range of media, a direct marketing effort is undertaken to generate a specific response which can be tracked and measured.

E-commerce solutions

Online selling is still growing rapidly. There are many solutions available to help you sell your products and services to a worldwide audience.


Usually part of the direct marketing activity. E-shots and online activity in the form of mini sites can be very cost effective tools.

Event marketing

Our associates are on hand to share their vast experience in all scales of event marketing worldwide.

Exhibitions, displays & instore

Everything from banner stands and pop-up displays to custom exhibition builds and instore displays, including point-of-sale.

Graphic design

The majority of our activities depend on our core discipline - design. You have at your disposal a world class team.


Our professional illustrators offer traditional and contemporary drawing skills including airbrush, calligraphy, caricatures and digital illustration.

Interactive presentations

Compiled using which ever tools are most appropriate in either powerpoint, html, flash or keynote for all levels of interaction.

Media planning & buying

An important part of your advertising campaign is choosing the right publications. Our associates will do this for you and make the most of your budget.

New media

Traditional forms of presentation are constantly being transformed into digital formats. Lately there is growing interest in our touchscreen capabilities.


Commercial photographers and art directors are always on hand for national and international commissions for all types of project.


A very important and cost effective part of your marketing activity. We can offer sector specific expertise for all PR activity.

Print production & buying

Many years of trade print buying means you get the best prices and the best service without getting tangled up in the complexities.

Web based software solutions

A growing proportion of online activity now consists of management applications to allow online working and collaborative sites with user generated content.

Web design, development & management

Unlimited possibilities are available to you in this area. You have a young development team with outstanding ability and cutting edge skills.

Web marketing

Everyone wants their site to be at the top of a Google search or getting maximum traffic. There are a number of tools at our disposal to achieve this.